UCL: We respect Bayern Munich Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti ahead of marquee semi-final clash


Ahead of the UEFA Champions League Real Madrid-Bayern Munich high-voltage semifinal clash, i.e. the first leg, Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has insisted that his side isn't taking their opposition lightly despite the German club's poor domestic season.

Ancelotti, who has won the UCL four times, further labelled the German side 'dangerous' prior to the first leg at the Allianz Arena on Tuesday. Madrid are coming into this game as favourites after eliminating holders Manchester City in the last round.

Before the semifinal tie, Ancelotti said in a news conference, "We're preparing to play a big team with lots of qualities. We are confident and have faith but we have respect for Bayern Munich. They haven't played a fantastic season in the Bundesliga but they played very well in two matches against Arsenal. This shows the quality of this club."

The Italian manager further added, "They are strong in transition, they can play in different ways and are very dangerous. We need to focus and take ourselves to the final, that's our goal."

Meanwhile, Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde also played down his side's 'favourites' tag and acknowledged that Bayern's history -- including six wins -- makes them a tough opposition, just as big as Pep Guardiola's Man City.

Valverde said, "All the matches are complicated in this competition. All the teams deserve respect, Bayern Munich above all. The same as Real Madrid they always make it until the end. We respect them in the same way we respect Manchester City. We need to show great performances with the quality that we have and we want to win this title.

"We need to have faith and confidence in all parts of the team. We want to make the final and that's what we fight for," he further highlighted.

The first leg of the semifinal will take place at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. Both teams will be eager to make early inroads in the marquee semifinal game.