Rangers status as bonafide HEAVYWEIGHTS sees Benfica backers warned of considerable disadvantage

Rangers players salute their fans

A leading publication in Portugal have waxed lyrical about the Ibrox side's standing both past and present.

Benfica have been warned from within about the trophy-laden status of Rangers that reinforces the dangers Philippe Clement's side possess.

A leading publication in Portugal have waxed lyrical about the Ibrox side's ability in the here and now which is backed up by their 55 league titles – which sits behind only Linfield in European football. The message in A Bola to Benfica backers is a simple one – we might be top dogs in our home country but Rangers are ahead by 17 league titles and that's a considerable disadvantage. The Portuguese publication wrote: “Benfica and Rangers brings together two of the clubs with the most national champion titles, but in this chapter in the history of world football the Reds’ disadvantage is still considerable.”

Roger Schmidt's side don't need any more psychological barriers to overcome, of course, as Rangers have had them on the ropes in three consecutive Europa League games but the men in red have always found a way to escape with a draw. But they cannot keep riding their luck amid the current landscape.

Schmidt and Co have forged an flimsy truce with their fans in the wake of defeats to Sporting, Porto and the thrilling comebackdraw with the Light Blues seven days ago. But there's a tangible sense Rangers' recent hex over Portuguese sides is seeping into the minds of those who are itching for Benfica to reign supreme in Glasgow. The Ibrox side are aiming to defeat Benfica at home like they did on two occasions against Braga and against Porto.