Mumbai Ranji Trophy players to earn double from next season


Mumbai with their 42nd Ranji Trophy win.

The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has decided to match the match fee its players get paid by the BCCI for the Ranji players. From next season, the Mumbai Ranji players' earnings will double with the most experienced player getting INR 1.2 lakh a day.

"The MCA proudly announces a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting the Ranji Trophy and fostering the growth of red ball cricket in the Mumbai Cricket jurisdiction," the MCA said after an Apex Council meeting where the initiative was proposed by association president Amol Kale.

The decision underscores the association's continued commitment to red-ball cricket. Earlier this month, the MCA matched the prize money of INR 5 crore for its Ranji Trophy team, which lifted the trophy for the record-extending 42nd time.

"The initiative received unanimous support from the Apex Council, reflecting the collective dedication of MCA's leadership to the advancement of cricket at all levels. It is a testament to the progressive vision of our President and his deep-seated belief in the importance of red-ball cricket as a fundamental aspect of player development, " said Ajinkya Naik MCA Secretary..

"We felt that the player should earn more, especially those who play Ranji Trophy cricket. For us red ball cricket matters the most as the Ranji Trophy holds a special place for everyone in Mumbai," Kale said.