After calling Justin Trudeau Wacko opn leader expelled from Canadian House of Commons

After calling Justin Trudeau Wacko

Tensions flared in the Canadian House of Commons as the leader of the opposition Conservatives Pierre Poilievre was asked to leave after he called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a 'wacko' during a verbal assault regarding the PM's failure to address drug overdoses.

The verbal clash ensued amid concerns of the opposition regarding drug decriminalisation in British Columbia in January 2023 under a three-year pilot project. British Columbia has been urging Ottawa to reassess its pilot program.

This incident which took place in the Commons has once again spotlighted the strained relationship between the two ahead of the contentious elections in 2025. Poilievre's remark targeting Trudeau came as the opposition leader questioned him over the efficacy of the drug policies. "When will we put an end to this wacko policy by this wacko prime minister?" Poilievre asked the Canadian PM. "No, no," the speaker said, adding, "That is not acceptable."

Speaker Greg Fergus repeatedly asked Poilievre to withdraw the comments, however Poilievre did not flinch, and even suggested he could use the word 'radical'. Fergus refused it and expelled the opposition leader from the chamber for the remainder of the day's session.

Heated exchange

Poilievre termed the Canadian PM as "the guy who spent the first half of his adult life as a practising racist." Trudeau also called Poilievre out for "showing us exactly what shameful, spineless leadership looks like."

Poilievre's subsequent social media post reiterated his criticism of Trudeau's drug policy. "This is a wacko policy from a wacko PM that's destroying lives," he wrote on X social media platform.

"The radical Trudeau plan for public use of hard drugs has brought death & destruction to our streets. Trudeau could end the chaos today, but he's refusing to," he added.