Spain PM Pedro Sanchez considers resignation halts public duties as wife faces corruption probe Spain PM Pedro Sanchez considers resignation halts public duties as wife faces corruption probe
Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024 18:30 pm


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that he is suspending his public duties to "stop and reflect" on whether he should continue holding the position after a preliminary inquiry, involving his wife Begona Gomez, was started by the court

The prime minister, in a statement, said that he immediately needed to decide "whether I should continue to lead the government or renounce this honour".

The court stated that the investigation has been opened in response to the corruption claims made against Begoña Gomez.

PM Sanchez said that his wife will co-operate with the judiciary and defend herself. "As is only logical, Begoña will defend her honour and will cooperate with the justice system as much as is necessary to clear up facts that are as scandalous in appearance as they are nonexistent," he said.

Taking to X, Sanchez said that a probe was opened against his wife Begoña Gomez, "at the request of a far-right organisation called Manos Limpias (Clean Hands) to investigate the alleged crimes of influence peddling and corruption in her business dealings."

Spanish PM says complaint based on "right and far-right" digital media.

The Spanish prime minister added that the complaint by Clean Hands was based on "alleged information" which was published by what he called "right and far-right" digital media.16:36

In his post, PM Sanchez said, "I need to stop and reflect" about "if I should continue leading the government or step down.

Anti-corruption campaigner Manos Limpias (Clean Hands) has participated in high-profile court cases in recent years.

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The Spanish prime minister stated that he will take a decision on his future plans before the media personnel on Monday (April 29) after he reflects upon whether he should remain in office "despite the mud" that the right and far-right have been trying to turn politics into.

"Now that we've reached this point, the question I quite legitimately ask myself is, 'is it all worth it?' I sincerely don't know. I need to stop and think about it … All of which leads me to tell you that I will keep working, but cancel all my public duties for a few days while I decide which path to take. Next Monday, 29 April, I'll appear before the media to let you know my decision," PM Sanchez said.