Biden are worried ? Biden are worried Iran may plan to hit targets in Israel as payback for killing general
Saturday, 06 Apr 2024 04:00 am


Biden administration officials are concerned that Iran may be planning to hit targets inside Israel in retaliation for the Israeli airstrikes in Syria this week that killed several senior Iranian officials, according to two U.S. official.

The officials said any retaliation inside Israel is expected to focus on military or intelligence targets, rather than civilians. They also said the administration has begun considering options for how to respond to various possible retaliatory moves by Iran. 

Iran has threatened to retaliate, saying the building destroyed was a consular building and therefore was an attack on Iran itself

intelligence assessment warns that Iran could carry out an attack using a swarm of drones or land-attack cruise missiles, and that Iran could target an Israeli diplomatic or consular facility in the region in retaliation for the strike in Damascus, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the assessment. Iran is likely to respond before the end of Ramadan next week, the officials said

 Friday a top aide to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said Tehran sent a message warning the U.S. not to get involved in the fight between Israel and Iran. “In a written message, the islamic republic of Iran warns US leadership not to get dragged in Netanyahu’s trap for US: Stay away so you won’t get hurt,” Mohammad Jamshidi posted on X. He wrote that, in response, the U.S. asked Iran not to target American facilitie

On Monday, Israeli warplanes struck a building next to the Iranian embassy in Damascus. The strike killed Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior military commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps' Quds Force who ran ground operations in Syria and Lebanon, according to Iran. Several other people were killed but U.S. officials have not confirmed who they were other than to characterize them as IRGC officials